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International Fashion & Lifestyle Presenter
based in Australia
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Tylea is a freelance television presenter and producer who is based Sydney, Australia. An experienced and versatile media professional, she specialises in presenting lifestyle, travel and fashion programs, advertorials, and red carpet and corporate events. Tylea loves the diversity and challenge of her freelance work, which includes TV programs, corporate videos, voice-overs, television commercials and advertising campaigns.

Born in the United States, Tylea started her career as a child hosting weekly TV programs in Florida, USA. She then went on to study television and media across the globe. Equally at home behind the camera as in front of it, she has a background in TV production, having done a media degree and then worked in production, casting and styling on some of Australia’s most successful TV programs including MasterChef, The Voice and X Factor. As well as TV presenting, she loves to be able to use her skills in production and styling and has a keen interest in casting and placing other presenters in fitting roles through TS Consultants.

She combines her passion for presenting and love for fashion in her role as International Brand Ambassador for home shopping brands. This involves presenting on several international shopping networks including TVSN Australia, QVC/CNR China, QVC Japan, and MOMO Taiwan.

With a warm and vivacious personality, Tylea is known for her ability to ad lib on the spot. But there’s a lot more to Tylea than the polished on-camera presence – she loves getting involved in her projects and is always willing to go the extra mile to get great footage. She has presented from inside a lion’s den, halfway up a rock-climbing wall, and while demonstrating her skills on an ice-skating rink. She’s been hot air ballooning, kiteboarding and even skydiving while presenting – now, that’s dedication!

Tylea has always loved to travel, and she moved to Australia to study and has been here ever since. She fell in love with the country and its attractions – in particular, one of its residents who she then married. She now lives here permanently with her gorgeous dog, a Cavoodle named Heidi Klum, and her also-gorgeous husband and Son (who are not named after a supermodel).

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